Thursday, 4 March 2010

This week I am going to try and re-create self portraits in the unique style of American photographer Nan Goldin. She has been a great influential factor throughout my image making, and I feel the portraits she produces of herself give a very raw and real account of who she is as a person. Goldin uses colour film to take her photos, and I will do this too, but I shall shoot medium format film and I shall use a Holga camera. I do not want to exactly copy what Nan has done; so using my favourite camera and format film shall give my images my own twist, whilst the Nan Goldin reference being evident in the images.

I really like this image of Goldin, taken with her partner at the time, Brian. It’s extremely sensitive, as the lighting is soft; the posing is subtle but conveys very complex and poignant feelings and emotions. I feel as if I can relate to the sadness communicated in this image and would be satisfied if I could create an image similar to this that others can connect with.

This is another self-portrait that Nan Goldin has taken which I would love to re-create for this week. Though it may not be possible for me to get on a train and take this image, it’s likely that I could take this style of image whilst on a bus, to or from college. I love that the background is blurry with the fast movement of the train, but I am not sure if I could create this same effect with my Holga, as it is has relatively basic features, with no shutter speed settings.

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